Spring Lake Heights  -  FAQ's


Where is the attendance/tardy policy located? 
All Board of Education policies can be found on the school website.

When is my child considered late to school? 
Your child will be marked late if entering the building at 8:30am or later.

Where/How can I find out if school is closed? 
In the event of the need to close school or have a delayed opening a Honeywell Alert will be sent out. If you need to register for Honeywell or update your contact information, please call Mrs. Moloughney in the main office. All school closings are also reported to AM Radio: 1310 WJLK, FM Radio: 94.3 WJLK , and reported on www.cancellations.com .

Should I send in a note if my child needs to leave school early? 
Yes, all students who need to leave early are required to bring in a note from home.

Do I need to send in a note with my child if they are late to school? 
Yes. A note is required every time a student is late or absent. It should include the reason, date and child’s name.

If I send a note to my child’s teacher about an absence, do I still need to call the attendance office/nurse? 
Yes. A note is required every time a student is late or absent. It should include the reason, date and child’s name.


Why didn’t my child receive a planner? 
Planners were distributed to all students in grades K-5. Some students in grades 6-8 received them based on assessment of need. All students had the opportunity to purchase planners through the school store for $1. The planners were not automatically distributed to the 6 th , 7 th , and 8 th graders based on an assessment of use of last year’s middle school students. All middle school students did receive a copy of the student handbook which is normally contained in the handbook. This is something that should be reviewed periodically with all children.

Do the student planners come home everyday? 
Most teachers in grades K-3 send home the planners each night to be reviewed and signed. Please check with your child’s teacher to find out their procedures for planners.

How much homework should my child be receiving? 
Recommended approximate times are:

Grade                             Guideline

K                          at the discretion of the teacher

1                           approx. 15 minutes per evening

2-3                       20-30 min. per evening

4-5                       30-45 min. per evening

6-8                       1- 1.5 hours per evening 

What is the homework policy for absent children? 

As a general rule, students have one day to complete assignments for each day missed. Requests for homework for children who are absent must be made to the office by 9:00 am . Teachers are not able to interrupt their lessons to prepare individual work. If an extended vacation that parents and children are taking requires class work or homework, you must give the teacher a minimum of one-week notice for assignments. Homework pick up must be at 3:00 pm from the Front Office. Students who are absent for two weeks or more are entitled to home instruction upon receipt of a doctor’s note. 


When can students visit their lockers? 
All students are permitted locker time before school, before lunch, after lunch, and at the end of the day.

How can we lessen the load of our child’s backpack? 
Encourage your child to leave unnecessary books in their lockers. All students are permitted locker time before school, before lunch, after lunch, and at the end of the day. Set up a schedule of books that your child needs before lunch and after lunch. Teach him or her how to decide what needs to be brought home at the end of each day.


How do I know if my child’s teacher has read his/her IEP? 
At the beginning of each year and again whenever warranted, your child’s teachers are given a copy of the IEP and are required to read it over and discuss it with the Child Study Team.

If my child is classified, whom should I call first if there is an issue? 
First, as in any case, you should contact your child’s teacher. If your child is in middle school, contact the teacher of the class about which you are concerned. The teacher will discuss the issue with your child’s case manager. If you feel that you need to contact the case manager after speaking with the teacher, please do so.

If my child is classified, does he/she still qualify for Basic Skills? 
No, classified students do not receive outside basic skills assistance. The students’ needs are being met in other ways.

What is I&RS? 
Intervention and Referral Services is a committee of teachers, an administrator, child study team members and the school nurse who meet every 6 weeks to discuss any students that are having difficulty in some area in school. Generally most referrals come from classroom teachers and the teachers come to speak about their concerns. The parents will always be advised if their child is to be discussed and will be invited to join the meeting. The committee will work to provide strategies to the teachers and the parents to assist in whatever area the child is having difficulty. Any parent may also refer their child to I&RS. To do this, please contact the I&RS Chairperson, Mrs. J. Cleary at extension 216. 


Why do I have to sign and return progress reports and report cards? 
The school requires all progress reports and report cards to be signed and returned to school so we can ensure that you are being kept aware of your child’s progress and grades. The collection of the signed and returned slips is merely a way of tracking that all parents are being informed.

When do progress reports and report cards come out? 


What is the best way to contact a teacher?

There are two main ways to communicate with your child’s teacher. The first is through e-mail. The second way to contact a teacher is to use the automated voicemail system. As to not disturb classes, no teacher can be called directly in his or her classroom, however, you may leave a voicemail message and the teacher will return your call. All email addresses and voicemail numbers can be found on the website or by clicking here.

How do I get my child a message? 
The best method to give your child a message is to leave the message with the secretary in the main office.

Whom should I contact if I have a question regarding my child’s class, teacher, class work, homework, grade, or social needs? 
The best method is to contact your child’s homeroom teacher. He or she will be able to best handle the issue that concerns you or will be able to refer you to the appropriate person.




Where can I get a lunch menu?

The lunch menu is available on the school website.


How can we avoid inaccurate charges on our child’s lunch card?

We are working to eliminate this problem by only handing out the lunch cards in the cafeteria. This lessens the chance of the card being lost during the school day. Also, as the cafeteria personnel get to know each of the students, this becomes less and less likely to happen. If for some reason, you feel there are inaccurate charges on your child’s lunch account, please contact  the business office.


What can I send in as a treat for my child’s birthday?

The Spring Lake Heights School Nutrition policy, as modeled after the state policy, reads, “Food and beverages served during special school celebrations or during curriculum related activities shall be exempt from this policy, with the exception of foods of minimal nutritional value as defined by USDA regulations.” The standards are:


  1. Based on manufacturers nutritional data or nutrient facts labels:

1.  No more than eight grams of total fat per serving, with the exception of nuts and seeds.

2.  No more than two grams of saturated fat per serving.


B.  All beverages shall not exceed 12 ounces, with the following exceptions:

  1. Water.
  2. Milk containing two percent or less fat.


C.  Whole milk shall not exceed eight ounces.


We strongly encourage you to send in healthy treats such as fruit, vegetables with dip, or pretzels. Also, please supply plates and napkins as needed.



What is the snack policy?

Students in Kindergarten, 1 st grade and 2 nd grade have a snack time during the day. The K-2 Lunch begins at 10:45AMso the students are permitted to have snack in their classrooms in the afternoon.



What happens if my child forgets his or her lunch? 

Your child may “charge” lunch from the cafeteria and you can send in money the following day. You may also drop off his or her lunch to the main office and it will be distributed to the student once they go to lunch.





Why can’t we park in front of the building? 

There is no parking there because the front of the building is designated as a fire zone. This area needs to be kept open in the event that emergency personnel need to access the school.


What are the parking procedures?

During drop-off and pick-up if you need to park and get out of your car, we encourage you to use the spots in the parking lot, Passaic Ave., Brighton Ave.or Beverly. It is highly encouraged to use the Student Patrols in the morning for drop off and remain in your car. During pick-up, it is important to have a designated spot where you will meet your child. 




What would cause an 8 th grader to be kept off the Washington D.C. trip?

Each 8 th grader is eligible to attend the class trip. However, due to safety and security concerns on an overnight trip, we must be sure that all students are responsible enough to attend. We maintain this high standard of behavior through a three strike system. Any student who receives a suspension or other severe corrective action from the administration may be subject to a strike. If a student accumulates three of these, he or she may not be allowed on the trip.





Does my child need a note to return to gym after an injury or serious illness?

Yes. A note is required from a doctor clearing the student to return to Physical Education to insure their safety.


How do I know when the deadline for sports physicals is?

The latest deadline for sports forms is posted on the nurse’s website, the outside announcement board in front of the school and on the bulletin board outside the nurse’s office.


How do I know if my child may try out for a sport?

There is a list of students who are approved to try out on the bulletin board outside the nurse’s office. If your child checks the list and does not see his or her name he or she should see the nurse.


If I handed in my child’s sports physical form in the beginning of the school year do I need anything else during the year for sports try outs?

YES!! Every time your child tries out for a sport they must bring in paperwork. Please refer to the nurse’s web site for further details. 


Can the nurse give my child Tylenol or Advil?

No. The nurse is prohibited by law to administer any medication, even over the counter medication without a doctor’s order and parent consent. A parent may bring in and directly administer medication to their child.